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We want to be your mechanic, we care about our customers because we understand how important it is to have a trust worthy and knowledgeable mechanic. As a former cattle hauler, Rhonda the owner knows how terrible it is to get taken advantage of by a terrible mechanic. We have made changes to our staff to reliable mechanics and support staff so we can bring you the best service possible.

We can do just about anything from ATV to big semi diesel trucks. Our mechanics are well versed in just about anything and if they don't know how to fix it, they will direct you to someone who can. We just recently bought the new Hunter Alignment equipment, we can align anything that is over 1/2 ton. 

Our most popular Maintenance Services

      Wheel Alignment


Hunter Alignment Machine

Imagine you are pulling a triple-trailer haul like the picture above in the middle on no where and your right tire blows out. You just replaced your tires too! Now you have to purchase a new tire and to get towed to a local diesel shop that could be miles away from you. That's an expensive ticket! This is why getting your tires aligned every 6 months if you are on the road a lot. 

Wheel Alignment is the tracking of your steered wheels as a part of your regular vehicle maintenance. Adjusting the wheels and tires of your vehicle to the proper angles manufacturing standards have set.  Our technicians will drive your vehicle onto the Hunter's pads to align your front or back wheels to the three angles that is necessary for the health of your tires and shocks. Tire balancing of all wheels that were balanced is necessary and part of the package. They will test to make sure your vehicle has proper alignment and all suspension parts are connected properly as well.

      HVAC System in Car

Texas is not a good place to have your Air conditioning in your vehicle out. It could be an easy fix from charging your coolant or in the need of complete overhaul of your AC unit. Cowboy Diesel is your Air conditioning repair service. 

The Air Conditioning unit in your vehicle is full of a gas called refrigerant. This is a gas that transfers heat and allows for cool air to flow through your machine. The compressor will pressurize the refrigerant from gas to liquid to pass through the condenser, where it will cool down. The cool liquid will pump through the driver still in a liquid form and high pressure until it reaches the expansion valve and the the evaporator and blower. The liquid will then be formed into gas and the blower in your vents will blow the cold air from the cold coil. 

      Regular Maintenance

Did you just get a new diesel truck and don't know how the maintenance differs to gas vehicles? It might seem overwhelming at first but Cowboy Diesel is your partner in making sure you have a well maintained machine. It's important to go off of the manufactures maintenance guide. Regular maintenance to your vehicle includes:

  • Change Oil

  • Change Oil Filter

  • Replace Cabin Air Filter

  • Change Fuel Filter(s)

  • Replace Foam Air Inlet Filter

  • Replace Air Filter

  • Flush Cooling System

  • Replace Transmission Fluid

  • Change transmission filter

  • Replace Transfer Case Fluid

  • Change Belt(s)

  • Replace Rear Differential Fluid

  • Grease Front Wheel Bearings and seal (2WD Trucks)

  • Replace Front Wheel Bearings and Seals (2WD Trucks)

  • Replace Front Differential Fluid

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