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Tank Exhaust Fluid System | DEF Importance and The Best Practices for Pure Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Fleet managers, long-distance truck drivers, and Diesel truck enthusiasts have collectively celebrated a pessimistic moment in 2010. The Environmental Protection Agency, in 2010, mandated the use of SCR, which means a Selective Catalytic Red

Why? What makes SCR work magically is a consumable Diesel tank exhaust, which diesel car owners had to add to their cars. The inconvenience is that no one likes to pay more.

SCR meaning - Selective Catalytic Reduction is an active emission control technology system. It injects a liquid reducing agent into the exhaust stream of a diesel engine through a particular catalyst. The reducing agent source is usually automotive-grade urea, also known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). ​ DEF and SCR's reality set out not to be so bad, ultimately despite the fluid it self’s an additional cost. Besides, improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions can have taken the hassle of refilling excess liquid tanks.

How does SCR Work, and What is the Role of Diesel Tank Exhaust Fluid?

The selective catalytic reduction was first used in the power generation industry to reduce nitrogen oxides from coal-fired power plants. Oxides of nitrogen compounds (nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide) are a significant problem in diesel combustion. Therefore, in vehicles equipped with SCR, the exhaust gas from the engine first passes through the particulate filter to collect all the soot generated by the combustion of relatively dirty fuel. Exhaust gas passes through a nozzle through a particulate filter that sprays diesel exhaust fluid into the gas stream. Diesel tank exhaust fluid is deionized water and a very pure form of urea. Moreover, it is a pure form of the compound, mainly fertilizing ingredients in the agricultural industry. The DEF and hot exhaust enter the catalytic converter, where urea and exhaust from the DEF react with various metal compounds. It then converts carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide into water and nitrogen. Nitrogen is the main component of the air we breathe and is harmless to the environment. ​ It is a very simplified version of SCR's working. Still, it's the same as a petrol car's catalytic converter, except for the extra step of injecting urea into the exhaust. Today, most diesel engines use SCR in alliance with exhaust gas recirculation to lessen emissions.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Process

EGR is a typical process in almost all modern ICE engines to reduce unburned fuel in the vehicle's exhaust gases. The downside of EGR is that it can adversely affect vehicle fuel economy and performance. Also, it joins another intricate system to an already complex machine.

Best practices to have Best and Pure DEF.

  • Ensure that the purchased fluid meets the ISO standard by looking for the APIO diesel exhaust fluid certification mark.

  • Use a draining container or tank made for DEF. It should be made with properly sterilized, standardized, and sealed materials.

  • Clean and keep the fluid path closed. The standard allows open systems, but you must clean them after each use. It is not practical in off-road situations, so close systems are best here.

  • Keep the workspace clean. The trash and dirt near the DEF filling port can further lead to contamination.

DPF Meaning and DEF Meaning - Are they Same?

The new Tier 4 diesel engine has two main exhaust components. One is the DPF, and the other is the addition of DEF. DEF is a clear liquid (urea) added to the tank attached to a diesel engine. Urea is sprayed onto the exhaust vents and chemically combines with the exhaust gas to convert it into nitrogen and water vapor. DPF or Diesel particulate filters are filters that collect soot (unused diesel combustion) before releasing it into the exhaust system. The DEF system is the same as the DPF, except that it uses DEF instead of diesel fuel. Like the DPF fluid system, the DEF system removes soot from the engine and stores it in a canister in a small "honeycomb" -shaped compartment inside the exhaust system. DEF Fluid Price It would help if you replaced a regular tank full of DEF each time when you change the oil. It is not going to be expensive as it is also almost water. Therefore, the AdBlue DEF 2.5-gallon pack is well below $22. ​ Ford Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a new product that needs many heavy-duty trucks, SUV pickups, and vans since January 2010.

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