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In Mineral Wells, TX, we offer a variety of diesel repair services to keep your truck running smoothly. All you need to do is give us a call and schedule an appointment with us. Our service technicians are more than qualified to take care of all your diesel needs.

Our team is fully equipped with the best lookalike tools, tools that were considered within the industry as being essential for the job. We also know how to utilize everything that we have, so all our technicians are fully trained.

If you want to keep your vehicle running smoothly, come to our shop and see what we can do for your truck. If you need diesel repair in Mineral Wells, TX, then call us today. We will be more than happy to help you.

Axle Replacement

You don't want to be driving on a damaged axle, depending on the damage you might not the choice. Getting it fixed early can be the difference between a couple hundred dollars to a completely totaled vehicle.

Schedule your next appointment with us and get $15 off your first oil change. This can be applied to your scheduled appointment. 

Engine Repair

Signs that your diesel engine is in need of repair.

1. Your vehicle is struggling to turn over, especially in the colder weather
2. Blue smoke
3. Increase in fuel consumption
4. Black smoke
5. Engine noise
6. Lose of power
7. Rough idle

Front End Repairs

Front end collisions can cause a range of damage from a small ding to the whole front end being destroyed. We are so happy that you are safe and we want to make sure that your vehicle is safe again to drive. At Cowboy Diesel, we have quite a few parts vehicles that we can pull parts from to minimize your price for the repair. 

Alternator Replacement

One Obvious Sign of failing alternator: Diming lights. Your headlights are powered by your electrical system and therefore is powered by the alternator. If your alternator is going out, the different electrical parts in your car will have decreased energy. You will also notice that your heated seats won't get as hot and your window motor will be slower as well.

HVAC/ AC Repair in Vehicles

Texas is not a good place to have your Air conditioning in your vehicle out. It could be an easy fix from charging your coolant or in the need of complete overhaul of your AC unit. Cowboy Diesel is your Air conditioning repair service. 

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